Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Bromley

Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Bromley

hearing aids hearing tests in bromley

Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests Bromley

Hearing loss can come gradually as you age or as the result of an injury. Certain medication, lifestyle habits and other health complications may also cause hearing problems.

As such, it’s critical that you visit a trusted hearing healthcare provider for a check-up. A thorough assessment will pinpoint the root of your condition, allowing the specialist to come up with the best treatment plan.

Owen Hearing offers comprehensive hearing tests, hearing aids, and other audiology services in Bromley. We use the latest in hearing technology to provide you the best and most comfortable treatment options.

Hearing Health Check

Our hearing aid consultant will perform a thorough diagnosis of your ear health, starting with your medical history, general health and lifestyle. Next, they will do a physical examination of your ear to check for wax buildup, ruptured eardrums and other injuries that may be causing the hearing loss.

The specialist will then test your hearing across several different frequencies. This will determine your most comfortable listening level, which will be used to calibrate your hearing aids.

After the health check, the hearing aid consultant will explain the results and advise you of the available treatment options.

Advanced Hearing Aids

Owen Hearing carries the latest models of hearing aids, providing you with high-tech units with additional functions. Our smart-tech hearing aids let you make phone calls, stream videos, listen to music and monitor your health, among other capabilities.

The hearing aids also come in a variety of colours and styles so you can choose one that matches your personality and preference. Our Otoscan technology lets us render an almost perfect 3D profile of your inner ear, creating virtually undetectable hearing aids that fit more comfortably than ever.

Wax Microsuction

We offer wax microsuction services in Bromley, a safe and gentle method of ear wax removal. The tool lets the specialist see your inner ear more clearly, preventing them from touching the skin inside. The result is a comfortable, pain-free procedure.

Trusted Hearing Specialist in Bromley

Owen Hearing aims to improve the quality of life of our patients through advanced, reliable hearing healthcare solutions. We offer free lifetime aftercare to make sure that your hearing systems function as they should.

Visit our hearing aid consultants in Bromley today for a free hearing test. Email or call us for enquiries about our services.

hearing aids hearing tests bromley