Advanced Hearing Aids & Audiology in East Sussex

Advanced Hearing Aids & Audiology in East Sussex

Advanced Hearing Aids & Audiology in East Sussex

Hearing Aids & Audiology East Sussex

Hearing loss impacts different aspects of your life, from a diminished physical health to feelings of social rejection and loneliness.

It can also impair your ability to learn new tasks and reduce your job performance and earning power. Hearing problems increase risks to your personal safety and cause fatigue, tension and irritability as well.

Our hearing aid consultants at Owen Hearing work with East Sussex patients to help with hearing problems, improving quality of life.

Latest Hearing Technology and Services

We offer the following audiology services in East Sussex:

Hearing Health Check

Owen Hearing provides free hearing tests and check-ups, giving you a clearer picture of your ear health. In this comprehensive assessment, the consultant will ask about your medical history to pinpoint any factors in your lifestyle and general health that could have affected your hearing.

The hearing aid specialist will then examine the inside of your ear to determine if there is a wax buildup in the ear canals or a tear in your eardrum. Lastly, we will measure your hearing across several frequencies, from low to high, to identify your most comfortable listening level.

The results of this assessment will tell us what the best treatment is for your hearing problem – whether you’ll need hearing aids or if a simple procedure will suffice.

Hearing Aids

We carry the latest technology in hearing aid solutions, providing the most comfortable fit and style to suit different preferences. Those with a dynamic lifestyle will benefit from smart-tech hearing aids. You can connect the device to your mobile phone, letting you stream audio and videos, make phone calls and monitor your health, among other functions.

The hearing aids are available in different styles, including invisible sets that fit deep inside your ear canal, to cater to various lifestyles and preferences

Wax Microsuction

Wax buildup can cause impaired hearing, dizziness and pain and ringing in the ears. Microsuction offers a safe and gentle way of removing ear wax. The device lets the specialist see what they’re doing and avoid touching the sides of the ear canal, making the procedure more comfortable. A trained professional can perform microsuction wax removal within minutes, so you can get it done during your breaks.

Trusted Hearing Healthcare Provider in East Sussex

Owen Hearing is an independent hearing healthcare provider, offering advanced solutions for hearing problems. As a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists and with over a decade’s worth of experience, we have become a trusted hearing specialist in East Sussex.

At Owen Hearing, our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by delivering high-functioning hearing solutions. Our patients enjoy free liftetime aftercare, ensuring that your hearing systems perform that way they should.

Call our hearing aid consultants in East Sussex today for a free hearing test and other enquiries.

Hearing Aids & Audiology East Sussex