Hearing Aids, Audiology & Microsuction in Surrey

Hearing Aids, Audiology & Microsuction in Surrey

hearing aids audiology microsuction in surrey

Hearing Aids, Audiology & Microsuction Surrey

Individuals with hearing loss suffer from a variety of side effects, from an impaired physical health to mood consequences, such as irritability and anger. Hearing problems can also affect your relationships, isolating you from your social groups and loved ones, which may cause loneliness.

At Owen Hearing, our goal is to find the best treatment option for your hearing problem, improving your quality of life. We offer the latest in hearing technology to the Surrey community, from hearing aids and wax microsuction, to other audiology services.

Comprehensive Hearing Health Check

The first step is to determine the cause and full extent of your hearing loss. Our hearing aid consultants will perform a thorough assessment of your hearing health, starting with your medical history, lifestyle, to a physical examination of your ear.

Next, we will measure the level of your hearing through a listening test performed on several different frequencies. This will identify your most comfortable listening level and the softest sounds your ear can perceive.

The results of this hearing health check will decide which treatment option is suitable for you, whether you need hearing aids or a quick wax removal procedure.

Advanced Hearing Aids

Owen Hearing offers hearing aids in a range of technology, with some models equipped with many additional functions. Our smart-tech hearing aids let you play music, take phone calls, monitor your health, stream videos and so much more.

They also come in a variety of styles and colours, letting you choose one that best matches your personality. Invisible solutions fit deep inside your ear, mimicking the natural curves of the canal for a more accurate and comfortable wear. Thanks to Otoscan, our hearing aid consultants are able to render a perfect 3D profile of your inner ear.

Wax Microsuction Removal

Wax buildup can impair your hearing and cause pain in your inner ear. We offer microsuction services, a safe and gentle wax removal method. The microsuction tool lets the specialist see the inside of your ear more clearly, preventing them from touching the skin inside. This results in a more comfortable procedure.

Trusted Hearing Specialist in Surrey

A member of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, Owen Hearing is a trusted provider of hearing healthcare in the Surrey community. Aligned with our aim to improve your quality of life, we offer free lifetime aftercare for our patients. This ensures that your hearing systems function as they should, avoiding any disruptions to your lifestyle and daily routine.

Visit our hearing aid specialists in Surrey today for a free hearing health check. Email or call us for enquiries about our services.

hearing aids audiology microsuction surrey