Audiologist Near Chislehurst

Audiologist Near Chislehurst

Audiologist Near Chislehurst

Audiologist Near Chislehurst

Your auditory health is important, and at Owen Hearing, we are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss, need hearing aids, or require earwax removal, our audiologist near Chislehurst is here to support you. We use the latest technology and personalised treatment plans to ensure you receive the highest care tailored to your needs.

Accessible Hearing Services

We believe that everyone deserves accessible healthcare, which is why we strive to accommodate our services. Here are some of our services that you can take advantage of:

Free Hearing Assessments: As part of our commitment to accessible hearing, we provide free hearing tests. If you’re experiencing hearing problems, you can rely on us to identify and diagnose the issue.

Flexible Financial Options: We understand that private healthcare can be expensive. That’s why we offer finance options to assist you in covering the cost of your hearing treatments, including interest-free loans up to £30,000.

Convenient Home Visits: If you can’t make it to our clinic for treatment, we’ll come to you at no extra charge.

Choose from Our Comprehensive Hearing Services

We combine the latest technology with advanced hearing equipment to provide our patients with cutting-edge solutions.

Hearing Aids: Our hearing aids offer everything you need, from state-of-the-art technology to sleek design and comfortable wear, ensuring enhanced auditory experiences. Our hearing aids can also connect to Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to music, take phone calls, and even translate languages.

Otoscan Technology: Otoscans allow us to dive deeply into your hearing health by providing 3D visualisations of your ear canal. This in-depth analysis enables us to pinpoint any issues and provide an accurate diagnosis.

Ear Wax Removal: Microsuction removal allows us to gently remove built-up earwax, freeing you from the discomfort and potential hearing issues associated with excessive wax buildup.

Book Your Appointment Today

If you suffer from hearing issues, we invite you to book a free hearing test at our audiologist near Chislehurst. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.