Ear Wax Removal Bromley

Ear Wax Removal Bromley

Ear Wax Removal Bromley

Ear Wax Removal Bromley

Everyone’s ears naturally produce wax. However, for some, it accumulates to the point of causing discomfort, reduced hearing, and even pain. Do not risk self-cleaning and potentially damaging your ears. Trust in professional expertise; trust in Owen Hearing’s ear wax removal services in Bromley.

A Safe and Proven Approach: Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Our clinic in West Wickham, Bromley specialises in microsuction, an effective, safe, and gentle method of ear wax removal. Microsuction utilises a binocular microscope for operating, which lets us determine depth while magnifying your ear canal for optimal visibility.

In conjunction with this binocular, we use a sterile precision suction device remove wax. And because it’s done with low pressure, there’s no discomfort. Unlike other methods, microsuction doesn’t require weeks of pre-treatment with ear wax softening drops.

It’s a swift process. Often, the obstructive wax can be removed within minutes by our trained professionals, offering immediate relief from symptoms.

Tailored to Your Needs

In some cases, hard wax may demand the use of additional instruments for removal. Rest assured, our professional team is well-equipped to handle these situations while maintaining your comfort throughout the process.

We avoid touching the ear canal’s skin, making the whole process much more comfortable for you.

Reasonable Pricing and Financing Options

We believe in transparency and affordability. In-branch microsuction costs £50 for one ear and £70 for both. Home visits are available at £100 for one or both ears. Moreover, if we discover that your ears are clear after having scheduled a wax removal consultation, the fee is only £25 for branch visits or £50 for home visits.

Further easing your financial concerns, we offer interest-free loan options, with answers provided immediately. So, you can prioritise your hearing health without stressing over costs.

Expert Audiologists in Kent

Besides ear wax removal, our dedicated team of Hearing Aid Consultants in Kent offer a range of services, including free hearing checks and consultations, home appointments, lifetime aftercare and low-cost hearing aid batteries—all with the goal of hearing excellence.

For expert and affordable ear wax removal in Bromley, contact Owen Hearing on 0203 302 0898 and book an appointment today. We’re here to ensure your hearing is at its best.

Ear Wax Removal in Bromley